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Monday, October 27, 2008

Scrapbooking Tip #9: Versatility

I've been slacking on my tips again! Here's one for you.... versatility. I made the Catrina page a few months ago and I made the Brynne zoo page as well as Catrina's 3rd birthday page last night. Notice the similarities in the first 2.... I used the same green dotted paper (green is Brynne's favorite color so I knew right away that I needed to use it again). But what I want to point out is how you can do a layout that you like and do it in different ways. I really liked the angle on the Catrina page and I knew I had a TON of pictures of the girls from the zoo so what I did was take the angle from the Catrina page and apply it to 3 photos of Brynne. I then added the focal point (the closeup) and used flowers to anchor it. With the birthday page, I just put the angle on the top of the page and was able to add a cute framed photo as the focal point (naturally, any picture taken by Melissa is going to be a focal point on my page)

So if you see layouts that you like, but think it won't work with what you are trying to create.... be versatile!

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