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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Progress Report:

Finally! Finished Name Albums! This set was 90% done and just needed the rings for finishing so after a quick trip to Office Depot today I was able to finish them. These clients should check their mailboxes this week... I'll be shipping Tuesday (post offices are closed tomorrow).

No, you're not seeing double. This was a unique assignment for me. A mother wanted to give these to each set of grandparents for Christmas but they had to be IDENTICAL (I can totally relate! She didn't want either set to think theirs wasn't as nice) so I had to make sure I used papers of which I had more than one. I actually worked on this set at the same time... as I put a button on one "R" I put the same buttons on the other "R".

Ok, how can this little girl not be the coolest kid on the planet? What a hip name!! Her album is just precious... Albums like this are like slow-pitch softball for me... it's in my comfort zone... PINK!!!!!

This album presented me with its own challenge.... my first 9 letter name. The boy's name is John Mark and I had to incorporate both names with a space in between. His room is a nautical theme so I used some cute elements that (hopefully) compliment his decor.
Two more cool girl names! If you remember from WAY back I made wall letters for Kayla and now a matching book.... this girl is totally decked out in Jeune Girl! Finnley is a new kid on my block but I've been communicating with her mom quite a bit so I'm thinking she's going to be following Kayla!

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kahaulani said...

well are totally kick'n ass on these name albums...which I just started buying them..I'm going to make a baby one for a co-worker but was waiting to see what her ultra sound said and I just found out today....she's having a girl and I'm physched to start on I'm having all sorts of ideas for name albums...
anyway...loving your blog!!! you go girl!!