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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Girl Night IN with the Inspire Kids Charity Crop

I was lucky enough to spend my Friday evening with a group of fun ladies at a crop night for Inspire Kids. A big thanks to Tracy D for organizing this fantastic event (and making YUMMY FOOD). Tracy provided tons of fun for these ladies. She brought her own Cricut machines and her MILLIONS of Cricut cartridges (I had total Cricut envy going on. I mean, even I don't have as many cartridges as Tracy), Sizzix dies, and shape punches.

I hope to be included in future events with the great ladies I met at the event.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pink Paislee Kit #2: Now Available.

Yes, that's right! Another terrific kit from Pink Paislee!!!

For $17 (plus $5.20 shipping) you will get:
8 12 x12 sheets from the Vintage Moon & Parachute Pants Collections
1 sheet of Fashion Script Alphas
1 Sheet of Office Lingo Die Cuts
1 package of Vintage Moon "Top Siders" (raw chipboard with coordinating stickers.... can be used together or separately! these are REALLY COOL)

I only have 3 of these kits available!!!

For $10 (plus $4.80 shipping) you get everything in the above kit with NO Top Siders. This is my recession friendly version!

Simply click the link in the sidebar for purchasing. If you order this kit along with the first kit I offered ($15) I will give 1/2 price shipping! Just contact me before you pay so I can make that adjustment for you.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jeune Girl Hair Accessories

What do you do when the world gives you lemons? You make lemonade of course. What do you do when your mother makes you about 200 flowers when you asked for "a few to use for scrapbooking"? Well, you branch out and make hair accessories. Anyone who has seen my daughter Catrina knows that creative hair is not new to me. She just turned 4 two weeks ago and has yet to ever have a hair cut. I believe she has the slowest growing hair ever. I have always made it a point to have a large selection of hair supplies for her and now I am able to share them with you.

I have premade headbands available as well as pins for you to add to your own plain headbands, clothing, shoes, etc. Contact me for custom order details. My headbands and pins are perfect for toddlers, young ladies (my 6 year old is shown here), infants (be careful with the pins!) and adults.

As I've mentioned, my items are available on Etsy and now available at Little Ones in New Paltz.
click HERE to see my Etsy shop.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Going Out of Town for a LONG Weekend!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Before I leave for 4 days I had to finish up two pending challenges for the Scrapbook Nook. The first is a layout that followed a cute sketch and in the layout we had to describe a part of our personality and use (EEK) a picture of ourselves (or something that goes along with your description). I chose the title "FANtastic" and used my recent photo of my in my new Yankee sweatshirt. I'm a HUGE Yankee fan so I think being a FAN is part of who I am.

Then I decided to participate in another card challenge so if you're a friend of mine with an occasion coming up you may be lucky enough to receive one of these hand made cards from me since they are now sitting on my shelf. I normally don't make cards but was on board for these challenges. I've found that I actually like making them so I may start sending friends and family hand made cards (but you have to promise to NEVER throw them out!)

See you in 4 days! Not sure what I'm going to do without internet for 4 days!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Layouts of My Kids

The scrapbooking contest at the Nook continues which is great for me. I can't remember scrapping pages of my own photos in these large quantities since before I started doing work for others. Hope you like these recent ones of Brynne.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cool Cards

I am really not a card maker. I think the idea of making something beautiful only to give it away (to someone who may look at it for a while and then throw it out!!) makes me cringe!

But, I'm always up for a challenge and I was challenged during the Nook Scrap Challenge to design a card. These various challenges have definitely helped me up my "up my game" which was my New Year's Resolution. I am pretty pleased with these.... some of my first true attempts at serious card making.

The Finished Mini Album

Here are the rest of the pages from the lavender mini-album. Lavender is a hard color for me to keep in stock. Everyone loves it yet companies don't really make too much of it. Perhaps manufacturers should step up their lavender and purple production.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Sneak Peek

I had a busy day as a mommy tending to an under the weather 4 year old then taking my 6 year old to a birthday party. Once at the party, I was preoccupied knowing that I HAD to get this album done. It's one of my patented "last minute" orders. I guess the word has gotten out that I have quick turnaround in a pinch. Luckily, the colors I used also worked well with the latest Scrapbook Nook contest calling for using specific colors.

Name Albums in Very Cool Colors

I was really excited to work on these albums for a good friend of mine. She wanted gifts of name albums and the colors she asked for were very cool since they're MY favorite colors to work with of late. I delved into my awesome stash of deep oranges, browns, and blues (yes, boy colors) along with my Bo Bunny sticker accessories to make these two albums.

The best part will be the playdate I get to have with her and her adorable son to get these to her (those are the perks of my job!)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hair Accessories from Jeune Girl Crafts

Did anyone know that I have a business partner? She's a silent (but deadly LOL) creative partner who is always giving me great ideas and (most of all) providing me with endless supplies. Ok, it's my mom. A while ago I had asked her to make me a FEW crochet flowers for use on my scrapping pages and altered projects. I have been using them here and there to adorn my projects and I absolutely LOVE them.

A few weeks ago, I went to my niece's communion and my mother handed me a HUGE bucket of flowers. I must have over a hundred of them now. They are in the greatest assortment of colors too!
So thanks to her hard work, I was able to make a few prototypes of cute hairbands and I have made them available for sale on Etsy.

They are priced to sell now so I hope you head over there and check them out! Now that summertime is approaching, I will have more time to work on these types of items since they're much more portable than my entire scrapbook room.

1/10th of the stash:
And I don't need to go far to find my model:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thinking Outside of the Box

The box in this case is the basic square 12x12 layout. Thanks to the fab designers at the Nook, they have now put out the call for pages that aren't SQUARE or RECTANGLE. This was a challenge for sure! Oh, and did I mention they also said that it couldn't have PINK in it???? With my 2 girls, scrapping without pink is the hardest part of the challenge!

Coincidentally, this layout also matches a challenge posted at "The Pink Elephant" (a great challenge based blog that I recently discovered)

Here's what I came up with...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Frames are BACK!

I recently dropped off some really cute frames at Little Ones in town. If you are over by Rt 32 anytime soon, stop by the shop. Little Ones is a mixture of consignment children's clothing and high end children's clothing rolled into one really cute shop.

I had to wait to show these off since they were a Mother's Day gift for one of my new clients (and fellow Stella grad... thanks Facebook) and I didn't want her sister (another Stella grad) to accidentally stumble across my blog and see. I hope they were a hit!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Always Nice to See....

.... where my projects find their usefulness. Holden's mom was nice enough to send me some photos of the letters hanging in his room. I love the stripes she painted on the walls!

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Going Crazy for the Scrapbook Nook Contest

My favorite forum, The Scrapbook Nook, is holding a fabulous contest that runs through the month of May. There are challenges posted every day and I'm trying to participate in as many as possible. Here are some of my entries:

First challenge: Each designer had to use the same photo in a layout. This was the coolest one for me because I would have never thought on my own to use the same photo and I'm pretty excited about how this turned out. I think this may be on my Wall of Fame soon:

This is a new layout I did for the Scraplift Challenge. Abbie Torrell is an awesome designer and she did a page with a similar layout that I put my own twist on.

This is an "all about me" page that is the most out of my comfort zone. I love scrapping about my kids and family life but to put the focus on me was difficult. But I managed to come up with something....

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Digital Scrapbooking

Ok, I will be the first to tell you that I am NOT a digital scrapbooker. I'm definitely a hands on type of gal. A while ago, I revamped my blog courtesy of Shabby Miss Jenn designs. Today, I purchased my first kit with embellishments made for digital scrapbooking. I feel no shame... I loved designing these pages and I think they turned out pretty cute! I highly recommend this site!

Monday, May 4, 2009

A Little Birdie Told Me...

That this was a cute project :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Little Girls!

I took advantage of this rainy Sunday to finish up my pending projects for some sweet little girls.

It's a pretty good assortment of projects that I have been working on this week. I'm always happy to do all of these custom orders... it definitely keeps me from becoming too bored with any one project since I never seem to do the same thing twice in a row.

Oddly, both of these clients are Stella Maris alums! I'm always honored to work with my fellow Stella gals!

Up first, ANOTHER princess lunch box. What happens in families is this.... one sister orders two boxes for HER daughters.... another sister sees it and says "I HAVE to have that". Now, these Redmond girls have ANOTHER sister so I'm holding out hope that Nancy orders too. Luckily, I have offer referral discounts :)

Next we have another deluxe letter frame with matching name album. This combination makes a GREAT gift to welcome a new baby (especially since most clients know the color that the newborn's room is going to be so coordinating is EASY).

Ummm... yes, another photo of Catrina graces the frame. It's much better than the silly paper that comes inside the frame.