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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Going Crazy for the Scrapbook Nook Contest

My favorite forum, The Scrapbook Nook, is holding a fabulous contest that runs through the month of May. There are challenges posted every day and I'm trying to participate in as many as possible. Here are some of my entries:

First challenge: Each designer had to use the same photo in a layout. This was the coolest one for me because I would have never thought on my own to use the same photo and I'm pretty excited about how this turned out. I think this may be on my Wall of Fame soon:

This is a new layout I did for the Scraplift Challenge. Abbie Torrell is an awesome designer and she did a page with a similar layout that I put my own twist on.

This is an "all about me" page that is the most out of my comfort zone. I love scrapping about my kids and family life but to put the focus on me was difficult. But I managed to come up with something....


RoseOhio said...

Beautiful layouts!

teres said...

Beautiful layouts!