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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hair Accessories from Jeune Girl Crafts

Did anyone know that I have a business partner? She's a silent (but deadly LOL) creative partner who is always giving me great ideas and (most of all) providing me with endless supplies. Ok, it's my mom. A while ago I had asked her to make me a FEW crochet flowers for use on my scrapping pages and altered projects. I have been using them here and there to adorn my projects and I absolutely LOVE them.

A few weeks ago, I went to my niece's communion and my mother handed me a HUGE bucket of flowers. I must have over a hundred of them now. They are in the greatest assortment of colors too!
So thanks to her hard work, I was able to make a few prototypes of cute hairbands and I have made them available for sale on Etsy.

They are priced to sell now so I hope you head over there and check them out! Now that summertime is approaching, I will have more time to work on these types of items since they're much more portable than my entire scrapbook room.

1/10th of the stash:
And I don't need to go far to find my model:

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