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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oh Baby!

I had a special request from one of my local mom friends to make a unisex baby album for a mom-to-be who is leaving it a mystery. My instructions were... Greens and Yellows and the mom loves frogs. Here are the results:

Monday, October 27, 2008

Show Me Your Scraps!

My very first scrap contest!!! I'm excited to see what YOU are working on and projects you are proud to call your own. The contest is open to any form of scrapbooking: pages, altered items, decoupage, you name it! I only ask that it be an AMATEUR submission (nothing that has been sold). I know this eliminates most of my QITM Ebay group! I truly want the rookies to shine.

Let's see your creativity! Simply email a photo (Jpeg please) to with your name by November 3rd (Monday). Voting will begin Tuesday and run through Friday, Nov 7th.

The winner will receive this:

Scrapbooking Tip #9: Versatility

I've been slacking on my tips again! Here's one for you.... versatility. I made the Catrina page a few months ago and I made the Brynne zoo page as well as Catrina's 3rd birthday page last night. Notice the similarities in the first 2.... I used the same green dotted paper (green is Brynne's favorite color so I knew right away that I needed to use it again). But what I want to point out is how you can do a layout that you like and do it in different ways. I really liked the angle on the Catrina page and I knew I had a TON of pictures of the girls from the zoo so what I did was take the angle from the Catrina page and apply it to 3 photos of Brynne. I then added the focal point (the closeup) and used flowers to anchor it. With the birthday page, I just put the angle on the top of the page and was able to add a cute framed photo as the focal point (naturally, any picture taken by Melissa is going to be a focal point on my page)

So if you see layouts that you like, but think it won't work with what you are trying to create.... be versatile!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lunch Box Deal Nearing End!

My sale on lunch boxes will be ending 10/31 so if you want one of these for a holiday gift the time to order is now! I can make them with or without mini-albums to go inside. My most recent order is for 2 boxes to give as teacher gifts.

I only have one to show right now because I went to the store to get the boxes and I left one of the bags there! I was tearing my house apart looking for them last night and ended up calling Michael's and sure enough... I had left them (hey, when you're shopping with Catrina, ANYTHING can happen.) I'm actually glad it was that bag I had left. The other bag had things I wasn't planning on using right away so I might never have realized. The crazy thing is... I used to teach scrapbooking at that Michael's (until they did away with classes! grrrr) so you'd think one of the cashiers would have remembered me. Oh well. I'm sending my "associate" there tomorrow on his way home from work (conveniently located right across the street from Michael's) to get the items so I can finish this project. I'm sure this particular client doesn't mind since she orders from me quite a bit and she's a pretty cool person. Hey, anyone who could survive Hurricane Ike is cool in my book!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

More Name Albums!

This is the final set I have completed from my last order. I am expecting the October order to be delivered any day. Almost every scrapping minute I have had in the past month has been dedicated to these albums. I will admit, I haven't had as much time lately (with school holidays and just being under the weather). I'm hoping to have time to make my own goodies as well as the holiday gifts I have lined up. Meantime, I'm loving these albums! Each one is just SO unique!

Emily and Abigayle were interesting since the client asked for primary colors. I've never done primary colors with girls' names so this was interesting. I had fun using some of my bold flowers. Abigayle likes lions so I incorporated that throughout while Emily prefers the more domesticated type of cat:

This one is right in my wheel house. The client simply asked for a princess theme:

Sports theme for this little guy:

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mark Your Calendars!

I'm opening my house for anyone who wants to just sit and scrap. Bring your own supplies for a nice afternoon of scrapping. If you're nice to me I may let you use my Cricut Expression machine. Others who would like to scrap but don't have the necessary supplies are more than welcome to do a Make & Take project. I'm offering "Do It Yourself" frames for $8 a piece. If you've never scrapped and are just want to stop by and ask questions, that's fine too. The more the merrier! Please RSVP to me at for more information.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Advent Calendars with Tins

I made 2 of these last year and I am busy working on my first two for this year. These are for a first time client I met at the Parents of Multiples event last week.

These make great holiday gifts and a unique advent calendar to count down the 24 days before Christmas. Each day has room to add your own picture (though it has to be SMALL to fit on the page) and I provide a small easel. Please contact me for information on how to order one of these cuties. They are a lot of work and are time consuming so if you need one for your holiday decorating, I'd need to know in the next few weeks.

Monday, October 20, 2008


It's Deadline Day to order name albums for the holidays. If you not yet contacted me please do so by the end of the day today. I do need deposits to guarantee your order will be placed. Thank you to the ladies who have ordered so far.

I have already told my husband to show my girls a picture of me at least once a day in November so they remember what I look like since I don't think I'll see the outside of my scrap room. I do have a new friend to keep me company here though.... my in-laws gave us a fern and I put it in here and it's just the touch this room needed.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hitting the Road

Last night I attended the Parents of Multiples vendor show at the Galleria. I had a terrific time meeting these amazing multi-tasking mommas (and papas!). I made some great new scrapping contacts and hope to add some people to my scrapbooking circle. I also took a few orders for (of course) name albums and some lunch boxes. It was a very successful night!

Today, Catrina and I went to shangri la. It was like heaven on earth. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my
Creative Gatherings but I must say that my visit to Lasting Memories in Baldwin Place certainly opened my eyes to other wonderful places to shop within a 60 mile radius of my house (it was a hike to go there but I justified it with a detour to Danbury to check out the Christmas Tree Shop). Unfortunately, Lasting Memories is closing its doors and will only be doing crop classes at hotels. I took advantage of their great sale to score some fabulous Wild Asparagus paper (Creative Gatherings doesn't carry this line and it's always been a favorite of mine) as well as some new brands I'd never seen before. My best purchase by far is my new metal paper stacker that will stack my paper 12 shelves high and allow me to sort them a little better. The metal stacker is now my third favorite inanimate object (after my car and my cricut expression).

Ok, enough about all that... let's talk Ebay! I just listed a whole bunch of new Halloween and Christmas items that I'm super excited about. I previewed one of the Halloween layouts and told you to keep an eye out for my Disney Halloween layout and -let me tell you- this layout is CRAZY... the giant icon is made out of some really cool paper and the little Mickey on the 2nd page is adorable for anyone who has a child who is going to dress as Dracula... or just loves Mickey!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I needed an escape from names and I also wanted to get my hands on my Halloween supplies that have been waiting patiently for me. I love the Scenic Route line of supplies. I even managed to stitch all of the mats (I went out of my comfort zone and did a STRAIGHT STITCH... holy cow!). I hope you like this too and remember there is more than just basic black and orange when making your Halloween layouts.

Stay tuned for my upcoming Disney Halloween layout. You'll be able to bid on these Halloween pages when I get them listed on my Ebay page in the next day or so.

Closeup of the witch skirt:

Love the Primas!:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Field Trip!

My name albums have been very good so I decided to let them stop their work and go on a little field trip.... ok, so it was just in my backyard. I think I'm losing my mind with these name albums, don't you?

Speaking of field trip, please stop by and see me as I'm out and about at the Poughkeepsie Galleria's Community Room on Wednesday October 15th from 7-9.

Cowgirl theme:

For my favorite California Momma:

How cool is this one? Notice the LOVE spelled down the front of the first letter.... I love this one!! I may order one for myself.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Progress Report:

Finally! Finished Name Albums! This set was 90% done and just needed the rings for finishing so after a quick trip to Office Depot today I was able to finish them. These clients should check their mailboxes this week... I'll be shipping Tuesday (post offices are closed tomorrow).

No, you're not seeing double. This was a unique assignment for me. A mother wanted to give these to each set of grandparents for Christmas but they had to be IDENTICAL (I can totally relate! She didn't want either set to think theirs wasn't as nice) so I had to make sure I used papers of which I had more than one. I actually worked on this set at the same time... as I put a button on one "R" I put the same buttons on the other "R".

Ok, how can this little girl not be the coolest kid on the planet? What a hip name!! Her album is just precious... Albums like this are like slow-pitch softball for me... it's in my comfort zone... PINK!!!!!

This album presented me with its own challenge.... my first 9 letter name. The boy's name is John Mark and I had to incorporate both names with a space in between. His room is a nautical theme so I used some cute elements that (hopefully) compliment his decor.
Two more cool girl names! If you remember from WAY back I made wall letters for Kayla and now a matching book.... this girl is totally decked out in Jeune Girl! Finnley is a new kid on my block but I've been communicating with her mom quite a bit so I'm thinking she's going to be following Kayla!