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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lunch Box Deal Nearing End!

My sale on lunch boxes will be ending 10/31 so if you want one of these for a holiday gift the time to order is now! I can make them with or without mini-albums to go inside. My most recent order is for 2 boxes to give as teacher gifts.

I only have one to show right now because I went to the store to get the boxes and I left one of the bags there! I was tearing my house apart looking for them last night and ended up calling Michael's and sure enough... I had left them (hey, when you're shopping with Catrina, ANYTHING can happen.) I'm actually glad it was that bag I had left. The other bag had things I wasn't planning on using right away so I might never have realized. The crazy thing is... I used to teach scrapbooking at that Michael's (until they did away with classes! grrrr) so you'd think one of the cashiers would have remembered me. Oh well. I'm sending my "associate" there tomorrow on his way home from work (conveniently located right across the street from Michael's) to get the items so I can finish this project. I'm sure this particular client doesn't mind since she orders from me quite a bit and she's a pretty cool person. Hey, anyone who could survive Hurricane Ike is cool in my book!

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