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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Now Presenting: Ella!

So many unique names. I've done many of these albums and I don't think I've duplicated many names and this is no exception. A local mom and friend of mine ordered "Ella" for her friend who is expecting a little girl soon. This little one already has great taste since pink and brown was requested and that is one of my favorite color combos (I even wore a pink sweater with brown pants to church today).

I am so thankful to all the friends & new clients who have approached me to do these albums for them. I know I said Christmas orders were closed but I did have a request for 2 more albums so I will be placing an order before Thanksgiving if anyone has a last minute gift request for a name album. You must contact me by Tuesday as I will be placing my order Tuesday night and leaving for the holiday on Wednesday.

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