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Thursday, November 13, 2008

City Chic & Beach Cool

It was a family affair with these name albums. I had originally done some work for a client through my Etsy shop and she liked her name albums so much that she ordered another one. Meanwhile, her daughter snooped around and found the original albums I had made (they were SUPPOSED to be a surprise!) and SHE liked them so much that she also contacted me to do some work for her.

Each had a very unique style request. One wanted "TY&DADDY" and said that the dad was a very cool, modern guy who had a certain look to his clothing and accessories (She even emailed me a photo of a t-shirt that is just his style) so I knew I couldn't use ANY flowers! (that's hard for me!). I had to get creative. I hope she likes what I did here:

Meanwhile.... my original client wanted another album for a friend's son and their house is beach themed with beige and blues throughout so I had to switch gears (even though I did work on these at the same time so my head was spinning a little). Luckily, everything made it onto the correct albums:

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