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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas is Coming!

I don't feel that I'm jumping the gun in this since the music has been on the radio (24/7 on one station in town) and the every catalog and commercial is about it!

Christmas Christmas Christmas!

I'd like to say I'm taking advantage of this time of year by selling a ton on Ebay but right now I'm focused on my custom orders so if there's something you want but are not seeing listed on Ebay let me know. I hope to have more Christmas items listed on Ebay after Thanksgiving. Remember school gifts! Teachers, bus drivers, secret santas! Also, the mail carrier deserves something nice too! I know MY mail carrier will be getting something nice since she's always picking up my packages for me.

This is one great item available RIGHT NOW on my Ebay for Christmas. This is an Advent Calendar inside an altered lunch box. You can add photos to each day (wallet sized) and display them on the easel that is included.

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