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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Keeping My Eye on the Prize

So hubby and I have decided to take a 2nd (ok 3rd) honeymoon this fall to Ireland. I've never been there and it's a dream come true to go there. Naturally, I need a new lens to optimize my experience there. I already plan on borrowing some snazzy ones from my well-connected father (he has 9 lenses!! 9 lenses!! and he's an AMATEUR) but I have my eye on this one so I need to start saving my pennies now....

...for my fans, keep an eye on the blog as I will probably be posting some kind of massive fire sale soon so I can start saving my pennies for that beauty.

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kahaulani said...

a ha!!! so this is the little beut you were talking about???? NICE!! I wanted to tell you to check out my blog and get your blog award!!! :)