Jeune Girl Studio

Friday, April 3, 2009

Open the Floodgates!!

I have been working overtime to get some of these projects to their new homes so I am just going to show them off so my clients can finally see their projects. The USPS is going to be BUSY at my house today.... hope my mail carrier brings a forklift!

Up first we have a great one two punch for a new born baby. This gift was actually ordered gift wrapped and sent right to the happy family. I was happy to add this touch, complete with handmade card.
Welcome to the World Brody!

Next! (and I apologize for the funky lighting... took these pictures last night). We have another birthday celebration... this time a 4 year old "girlfriend" of my client's son. She's a girly girl who loves pinks and purples.... hmmm.... I think I can handle that request!

Last but not least, we have another blend of great photography and creative scrapbooking.... my longtime client Jenn is also a client of my good friend Melissa of Surprise Photography. Jenn asked me to scrap some of the photos from their shoot when her son was just an infant. He's turning 1 this month! Happy Birthday T!!!


Jenn said...

those scrap pages rock!!!

Melissa said...

Great looking kid!! And one hot momma! Can't wait to see him soon.
Nice work Meg.