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Saturday, April 11, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaack!

I'm back from vacation! I am already back to work!!! I had a very relaxing (yet tiring... go figure) 4 days in Washington DC and spent time with hubby and the girls. I also saw my aunt, uncle, and cousin who I haven't seen in a few years. They were nice enough to open their house to us and I think they actually enjoyed Brynne and Catrina!

I have some name albums I will be working on as well as several lunch boxes. This particular lunch box was one I meant to finish before I left but it is finished now and hand delivered in time for little Ava to have a matching box just like her big sister (Allie... she had the Sleeping Beauty lunch box that I posted last week). Ava gets Belle though. I hope there is no fighting over the princesses.

I am very happy to be back among my scrap things and I'm looking forward to doing more work for all of you so please contact me about any projects. Also, remember that you can purchase directly from the blog using the paypal feature on the right sidebar (this site will allow you to add a description with your order and I will know what it is you need.)

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