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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Boy Frames

I'm loving these frames. I even came across even cuter wooden letters to use on them (the first J was cute but later discovered that most letters from that company are way too big to go on these frames (M&W are HUGE) so these new letters are cute shapes and are pretty much made to coordinate with these frames.

This order came from one of my local moms and business owner!! (I'm sure she won't mind me giving a plug for her store, Little Ones which is located on Rt 32 in New Paltz right next to my favorite eatery.... Wrapsody Grill) I'm happy to do some work for her since she is nice enough to let me display some of my work in her store (which reminds me, I now have to go make another frame to be a sample in her store!)

PS. You'll notice I came up with a creative solution to the "Catrina as boy model". I remembered I took some artsy photos of one of my most prized possessions when I first got my new camera lens. My American League baseball (that I got at a real Yankee game back in 1988) is going to be my new model for boy projects!

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