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Monday, December 22, 2008

Scrapbooking Tip #11: Mix it Up!

Wow, tip #11... 11 is my lucky number so I'll have to make this a really good tip. I thought of this one while I was working on this layout of Brynne. She is my little scientist and explorer. She loves to be out in nature and coming across new and interesting creatures and critters so I thought "NATURE" was a good title for these photos of Brynne digging for crayfish (she picked this big guy up while daddy and grandpa were off to look for something more sensible with which to pick it up)

So my tip has to do with texture and trying to use a variety of items in a single layout. I used metal, flowers, chipboard (both painted and "naked"... scandalous!), as well as layered paper. I also mixed about 10 different brands of items here... I have no brand loyalty! And why should I when all the companies put out things that coordinate so nicely.

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