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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Scrapbooking Tip #7: Know When to STOP!

Many people say to me "Oh, I love your work... I wouldn't even know where to START". My tip is not for those people. My tip today is for those of you that love to scrap but don't know where to STOP. I believe it was the ever wise Cindy Crawford who once said (about fashion) something along the lines of "when you're done getting ready to go out, look in the mirror and then take OFF 2 things" (in other words, you've overdone it). The same can be said about scrapbooking.

With all the wonderful pictures from my photo shoot with Melissa, I know I want each one to be absolutely perfect little works of art to display. As I work on them I am making sure to pick the best papers and embellishments in my arsenal. It would be very easy to me to just be completely over the top in my decorating. I played with this layout for a long time and finally just decided that simple is better.

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