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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Little Black Cloud

I have always said that the weather hates me.... well, when it rains on your outdoor college graduation AND on your wedding (planned for indoors.... I know not to mess with that) as well as at other various planned outdoor activities you do start to wonder if Mother Nature has it in for me. Sunday's forecast for the Taste of New Paltz is showers (of course) and the planners say it's Rain or Shine. Easy for them to say.... all of my stuff is made out of PAPER. I know Sunday is far away so the weather can change but I'm more despondent because there is rain on the calendar from Saturday to Tuesday (not much room for things to shift around). But since I paid an arm and a leg for my table on Sunday, I'll be there even if I have to go with just myself and some business cards!
So, to try to get on Mother Nature's good side... here's a gift I'm giving to her:

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