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Monday, January 5, 2009

Things Just Work This Way Sometimes

When people contact me for name albums... my next step is to ask them what color scheme they'd like (ok, really the next step is to hit them up for money but THEN my next step is to discuss color schemes). I had 2 clients who, without consulting each other, ask for 8 letter names and the EXACT SAME COLOR SCHEME! So I had 2 albums to work on this week that look almost identical! It sort of made my job a little easier.

This Holidays album is unique in that I did something with it that I have never done before but I will definitely be doing again because I think the result is great. I normally try to do a little bit of sewing on these albums... I just love the way the sewed edges add texture and frame the photos that my clients will later add. So for this album I actually sewed the pages together before I glued the paper onto the chipboard. This allows the sewing to blend into each page and I think the result is terrific.

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