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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

New Year! New & Exciting Events from Jeune Girl Crafts!!!

My head is bursting with all the things I have running around in it but here are some reminders and announcements for things coming up:

1. My Ebay group QITM has begun it's Kit Klub. This was an idea that I came up with to help the group help others in their scrapbooking. Starting today, members of the group will be listing scrap KITS for you to make your own pages using paper piecings and other materials that each person puts together. There will be a variety of themes offered so keep checking back to see if there is something you like. Most kits will be priced under $10!! What a bargain!!! If there is a type of kit you are interested in seeing, please contact me and I'll make sure one gets made. You can go to ebay and search QITM and you will be shown all the listings my our group.

If you want to search my listings click HERE

2. Scrapbook Page Special: This sale will continue until February 28th for anyone who reads my blog. $50 for 10 pages (including shipping!!!). Thanks to my 3 quick clients who were able to get this already awesome deal for $40!!!!!! I have some work ahead of me now!

3. My New Year's Resolution. As I mentioned before, I am planning on making Jeune Girl the best that I think it can be. The first step in this is making projects that are just all ME. For a time last year I felt my creativity was being stifled by making pieces that catered to the "look" that seems to sell big on Ebay (cutesy animals and very block oriented layouts... mats just sitting there). Now, I'm going to make pages that I, personally, love. It is my hope that you love them too! My clients that purchase the 10 pages deal will probably see pages similar to this:

4. Finally.... Etsy. Etsy is where it's AT. I have had an Etsy shop for a while and I am beginning to list more exclusive (one of a kind) items on there so please check it out. Click on the link on the right to see my Etsy and Ebay listings. This is my latest offering that I am just absolutely in love with:

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