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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Year and New Looks

Coming up for air!!! I had some time between finishing up some orders and starting new ones so I thought I'd try to catch up on work for my own collection and finally put a dent in my bag of photos that I have to scrap (did I ever mention that I keep them in a Tiffany's bag?.... so funny. I've never shopped in Tiffany's but I have a bag from there. I think it was a bridesmaid gift that came in it). All of these layouts are keeping with my resolution to use my supplies and stop hoarding them for a rainy day. The box of alphabets I used for EXPLORE have been sitting in my scrap room for over a year!!!

First up are two nature inspired layouts using photos I took of the gardens at Vanderbilt Mansion. I thought "Secret Garden" was perfect because in looking at these photos I realized what this place must be like for children. With all the nooks and hidden little places it must really be a magical place. We used to live in Hyde Park where Vanderbilt was only a few minutes from our house. Now that we're across the river we still try to get there a few times a year.

This next layout was fun.... I used some new papers I just bought and added some cute photos of Brynne (from Catrina's last birthday if you can believe it! I am behind on my pages!!) It brightened her spirits since she's been sick for a few days.

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