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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Layouts Galore!

I am up to my ears in LAYOUTS!! I have a wonderful client (all of my clients are wonderful!) who has chosen to use my services for a second time and now she wants 30 pages!!! I laugh because many of my crafty friends (who also work full time) would say "It would take me 30 months to make 30 pages". But having 3 hours a day that I can fully dedicate to crafts really helps me get my work done quickly.

This particular client really is in tune with my style so when I get my hands on her photos I feel like I'm making pages of my own kids. Here are the ones I've gotten done so far. With only 1 1/2 weeks until I leave for vacation and with the distraction of the Yankees in the World Series, I will have to work even faster to get the rest done before I leave.

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