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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Coming Up for Air!

You guys have been keeping me super busy and I'm happy to report that these first three months of '09 have been very good for me! And I feel challenged everytime with the new and exciting projects I've been doing. I hope this continues for the rest of the year.

For some reason, last week I had a lull in the action. I'm waiting for some albums to be shipped to me and I had to wait to start some wall letters since I sent my "associate" (aka husband) to the store to get the letters but he wasn't able to do it for 2 days (not totally his fault... he had to take my car in for a new bumper... thanks to the lady that rear ended me a few weeks ago). I did get all the letters yesterday so stay tuned for those to be unveiled in the next few days. I'm loving how they are turning out so far!

Anyway, I had some time to hit the HUGE STACK of photos that have been collecting dust. I am completely out of order... I am just scrapping photos that I love at this point, regardless of the time of year or theme. I haven't even begun to look at my Christmas prints!

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