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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Am I Seeing Things?

Or are these Wall Letters? In 2007 & 2008, wall letters were my most popular items but then the orders stopped coming in and I moved on (to name albums mostly). Imagine my surprise when a local mom saw my wall letter photos on Facebook and decided that they were just right for her kids. Once I got my hands on them again I remembered why they are my favorite items to make!

I'm always happy to add new clients to my midst and this one is a NEW MOMMY too. Audra is her newest little sweetheart and she also asked me to do letter for 2 of her other kids too. Audra and Leah will be sharing a room at some point so the letters were done in the same patterns but each has its own unique decorations.

I had fun with Cole's letters since I got to use my favorite color scheme for boy letters! She loved Hank's letters from last year (she checked out my website to see samples and I'm glad she did! There are always tons of ideas there!

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