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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Swimming in Names!

The name albums are HERE!! I have finished 4 of them (well, the poor boys are suffering without their binder rings but I'm hoping that my "associate" will stop at the supply store after he works his other job today) and I think they all look fabulous. Each one is so unique (though with both of the girly albums, my clients requested very similar styles).

Andrew's mother gave me pretty free reign... her words were "uhhh, primary colors?" so I got to use these neat jungle animals that I've been holding for a while. I also told her that the paper I used was paper I was saving for a rainy day (actually, a snowy day since I had a winter layout in mind with it) so she needs to love it!

Audrey's mother was also on the receiving end of my hoarding. The "A" is made out of paper I was keeping for "just the right page" of my girls and that page never came so she's the lucky recipient!

Enjoy. Remember, I will be placing another order next month so if you want one, you can get on the list!

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