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Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend with the Family

First stop: The Trevor Zoo.

Located in Millbrook, NY, this zoo has been our "go to" family outing place for years. It's a hidden treasure in the Hudson Valley.

The girls got to see some great animals up close. They both loved the river otter but Catrina (and I for that matter) had to leave the Tamarin exhibit because of the smell... those cute little guys smell AWFUL!

Then we all went to the park in the town of Millbrook. The girls were daring enough to try the biggest curly slide I'd ever seen. I had a heart attack while they had a blast! They also enjoyed being "Pirate Girls" on the cool ship they had there.

We called it a day after that! We were beat!

On Sunday we enjoyed a trip to Southlands where the girls enjoyed pony rides, face painting, a petting zoo, & feeding chickens (who knew they liked grass clippings??)

We followed this up with a short trip to one of my favorite places in the Hudson Valley, Vanderbilt Mansion. We used to live about 5 minutes from Vanderbilt so it has become a focal point for many of our family outings. We went to the river where the girls enjoyed the rock climbing (but not so much the rock "falling" as Brynne experienced). We found a nice little nook where the girls tried their hand at rock throwing and I practiced taking black and white pictures.

And a trip to Hyde Park isn't complete without a stop at the Everready Diner (I recommend the blackened chicken pita). We met up with some friends for a nice dinner (well if you define "nice" as my children being ill-behaved.... I blamed the company). We topped it off with a stop at DQ.

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Melissa said...

Where is the zoo? BTW, nice use of texture in the first picture.