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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Littlest Jeune Girls

I always knew my girls were artistic but lately, they've just taken it to a new level. Yesterday, Brynne (my 6 year old), acting completely on her own, came up with 2 fabulous projects. One was a box that was decorated with her photo (ok, so she totally stole a photo that I was planning on using on a scrap page) and the other is a clear plastic box that she cut and decorated AND added handles all on her own. With Brynne, projects are usually 3 dimensional and very complicated.

Catrina did her own art yesterday (not shown). She took stencils and traced them onto paper with an accuracy I know I couldn't duplicate. She's pretty advanced for 4!

Both girls are wearing the shirts they tie-dyed at a birthday party last week. Love their eye for color!

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